FCCD collaborates and manages two big types of campaigns: emergency and awareness. 

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Mayors for Peace
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FCCD initiates emergency and awareness campaigns and collaborates and disseminates other campaigns.

  • Emergency campaigns

    Natural disasters and wars leave behind an indisputable human drama: the loss, by many people, of their usual resources to continue living a dignified life (work, housing, food resources...). This loss can be prolonged for a long time in cases of forced displacement due to war conflicts, as is the case with refugees.

    The FCCD is not a humanitarian aid agency, as there are already several international organizations and specialized NGOs that act in these circumstances to mitigate its most immediate effects, but on several occasions, it acts as a coordinating body for contributions from Catalan municipalities that have shown solidarity with people suffering from the emergency situation, such as the Caravans for Peace in Western Sahara, aid to refugees from the Kosovo War, aid for food emergencies in the South Sudan and Central America to alleviate the effects of Hurricane Mitch, the campaign of solidarity with those affected by the earthquake in Alhucemas (Northern Morocco), etc. and more recently by the endless Refugee Crisis or the passage of the Idai Cyclone for Mozambique.

    In these cases, the priority objective is to work with counterparts who are already collaborating in the area or with Catalan NGOs that have been working there since before the emergency situation.

    We currently highlight two campaigns: 


    Once the phase in which emergency humanitarian aid is needed has been overcome, it is necessary to rethink the reconstruction of the affected society in all areas. Rebuilding to Transform is the goal of all the actions of the FCCD in post-crisis situations. The focus on emergencies is not just a contingency approach, but is geared towards transformative cooperation, which helps to find solutions that affect the reduction of vulnerability by implementing new policies that promote human and sustainable development in all regions.

    For this reason, the FCCD has drawn up a document of action criteria in the event of an emergency which sets out the principles that govern the FCCD’s action in these situations. These criteria can be summarized in:

    • A crisis is not a one-time phenomenon.

    • To act in territories where have been previously worked.

    • To act with knowledge of the context of intervention.

    • To promote horizontal actions based on the participation of the affected population and the local counterpart.

    • Not to promote isolated actions: taking into account the emergency-rehabilitation-development continuum.

    • To take into account the origin of the projects: ask about the needs from which the intervention proposal has been generated (what they are and who they are).

    • Not to think that money is the solution, take into account where it comes from, when and where it comes from.

    • To act by questioning of the pre-crisis context.

    • To take into account the future effects of the disaster in the territory where it is being intervened.

  • Awareness campaigns

    From the FCCD we initiate and support Platforms and Campaigns of awareness and Education for Development:

    Mayors for Peace