The FCCD offers its partners support and technical assistance to cooperation policies, as well as direction and leadership in the creation of knowledge of municipal cooperation.

The institution offers its members a series of services in the field of cooperation and solidarity. With this booklet, they want municipalities that are not yet members to know the FCCD and value the possibility of joining.

  • General services: General services are aimed at all FCCD members and can be enjoyed by their membership. These are activities aimed at contributing to the optimization and impact of municipal cooperation, building a space of technical and political reference and reaffirming its position in the architecture of Official Development Assistance. These services are mostly funded through the annual membership fee.
  • Specific services: The FCCD provides a series of tools that seek to cover the specific needs of partners in the deployment of the entire cycle of projects, in the field or in Catalonia, while trying to ensure the inclusion of technical criteria in decision-making and the maximum transparency and objectivity in the implementation of this public policy, and contributing to its good management. Those partners who wish to use the technical services of FCCD for the execution of their own local public cooperation policy may do so if they pay the percentage stipulated on the reference budget managed in these actions.